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Monday 29 February 2016

How To: Colored Eye Shadow For Beginners

Hey guys! This is the first post in our brand new “How To” series in which we will be imparting tips and tricks from our burgeoning wealth of knowledge about makeup application and beauty. I hope you guys will enjoy following this series as much as we do making it.

Today’s post is all about the dreaded colored eye shadow which most people have a love-hate relationship with. You see Instagram overflowing with genius creations using colors but your attempts usually end in disaster. It’s okay. We have all been there.

I have a huge thing for colored eye shadows and eyeliners so I have learnt a thing or two about how to make them work. Different colors enhance your eyes depending on your natural or artificial eye color. A colored lid balanced with neutrals, however, works for everyone.

So, my aim is to show how you can achieve exactly that.

How To Do It?

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes

This will get rid of discoloration, give your shadows something to stick on and give you a smooth canvas to work it so make sure it is evenly applied. I applied Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer in Matte. Oily eyelids benefit from a dusting of translucent powder on top.

Step 2: Highlight Brow Bone

Always use a matte cream shade, like Glory from Makeup Academy’s Smokin Palette, to highlight your brow bone to prevent it from looking cheap and getting shimmer all over the place. I also used the same shade on my inner corner for now with a flat shader brush from Colorstudio Pro.

Step 3: Apply A Transition Shade

This is the shade between your lid and brow bone so it’s called the transition shade, which allows easy blending of the deeper crease color. I used Shade 5, a mid tone medium matte, brown from Makeup Academy’s Undressed Palette. You can also use a matte bronzer. Anything you put in your crease MUST be matte because we want that area to recede not sparkle. Use a fluffy blending brush like Morphe MB23 to disperse the pigment evenly.

Step 4: Apply Colored Lid Shade

Pack on your preferred lid color such as jewel tones like Unleash from Makeup Academy Smokin Palette, using a firm shader like Sigma E57. Keep this on your mobile lid or it will transfer all over your crease. (Tip: Your mobile lid is the part of your eye lid you can see with your eyes open from the front)

Step 5:  Deepen Your Crease

If you already have deep set eyes, then you might want to skip this step or apply this dark chocolate shade, like White from Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette, only on the outer 1/3 of your crease. If you have hooded eyes, then you can take it midway to your crease and blend it out thoroughly.

Step 6: Tight-line And Kohl Application

Tightline between your upper lashes with a black pencil, like Luscious Cream Kohl in Black Onyx , and apply it to your waterline too if you wish. Make sure not to go too far on your lower lash line and if you do, just clean it up with a cotton swab.

Step 7: Smudge Lower Lash Line And Apply Eyeliner

Never ever leave your kohl as it is: Always smudge it with a dark shadow like the same one I used in step 4 to deepen the crease: White from Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette. I used the Sigma E30 Pencil brush for this purpose. I don’t recommend a winged liner or even a dramatic one here because that will totally steal the focus from the colored lid. Either a very thin basic eye liner or a smoked one, like I did, works well. Alternatively, you could skip eyeliner altogether and just go for a pair of false lashes.

Step 8: Highlight The Inner Corner

If you are happy with a matte inner corner that’s fine but if you want to open up your eyes a bit more then put a cream shimmer, like Adorable from Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette. I used the sponge tip applicator that comes with it. You can use any small brush or even your pinkie.

Step 9: Apply Mascara

We all need some mascara to give our lashes some life. My current favorite is Essence I Like Long Lashes Volume and Length mascara which is excellent for long, defined, clump free lashes.

Step 10: Clean-Up & Conceal
There is always fallout so I never neglect using a cleanser to wipe it off and prefer to do my eyes before my face. Put on your favorite concealer and voila! You are done!

To show you that this same tutorial can be used with other colors I have done an EOTD with Icon from Makeup Academy Smokin Palette on my lid.

Here are some lip and cheek combos that keep colored lids in focus.

Remember your colored eye lids take center stage and nothing else on your face should compete with them including your brows so dramatic brows are a big no no here. When your lids are in the pink/plum/red category, go for a warm nude pink lip like Essence Stay Matt lip cream in Velvet Rose. A more purple/ violet eye lid calls for something a more mauve-y plum-y nude like Bell lipstick 161. My other picks are Colorstudio Pro Color Rush lipstick- Desire and Essence XXXL Long lasting lip gloss - Soft Nude.

For cheeks, I prefer cream blushes. Eyelids are in the pink/plum/red territory get Colourpop Super shock cheek in Cruel Intentions (A reddish berry pink). I like a bubblegum pink, like Sleek Blush by 3-Lemonade in Macaroon, for purple/ violet eyes. A rosy nude blush like Inglot Cream Blush 94 works perfectly for all other colors.

Now I hope you won’t be so afraid to try some color on your eyes. Feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to your active participation in our new “How To” series.


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Monday 15 February 2016

Olor Fragrances – Review

I admit I am not into fragrances but my recent experience with Olor is starting to change my mind. I prefer deodorants over perfumes and I am especially partial towards affordable ones that deliver. Just like with makeup I don’t think bare necessities should be so expensive particularly since the ingredients are not all that expensive to begin with. Read on to find out how Olor fragrances carved a permanent place in my vanity.

Product Claims

Long lasting freshness which restores the feeling of beauty. 24 hours active deodorant.

What Do I Think?

Olor Pakistan kindly sent me three of their new fragrances to try out and boy, am I glad they did. Olor is originally a Norwegian brand and I have never heard of it before. The first thing that popped into my head was that these bottles (150 mL) seem more compact than deos I normally encountered. The cap is not terribly secure but with a good quality nozzle head there really is no chance of leakage. It releases a fine mist so all’s good. I don’t know about 24 hours but it does last all day long in this mild weather.

Onto the flavors! I detest “fruity fresh” scents, which often smell like fake artificial fruity chews or “citrus scents”, which straight up smell like Lemon Max *Not even kidding*. The “flowery” scents are overpoweringly sweet and unbearable and musk has felt suffocating since I was a kid. Imagine my relief when Olor fragrances beat the odds and won my heart. These are perfect! Since I am completely ignorant in the science of fragrance making, please bear with my descriptions.

Rosy Raspberry (Raspberry & Vanilla)

Let’s start with my favorite of these three: Rosy Raspberry. Raise your hands if you sniff berries before you eat them *Shoots hand in the air*. I think I want to drown in a bath full of this deodorant. You detect rose lingering in the background cut with a fresh tang of berry. Then there is something yummy thrown in which is obviously vanilla that mingles with the rose. All I can say is you must smell this before you die.

Vibrant Violet (Iris & Blackcurrant)

This one is the relatively subtle of the three. The iris flower and blackcurrant berry wonderfully complement each other and you can clearly scent them both here. It is really beautiful, feminine and slightly sharp. If you are a fan of light floral scents, you will love this one.

Glamorous Gold (Lilac & Amber)

Judging by my body’s reaction to this one, it errs towards “musky”. It’s heavy, spicy and not very floral. It’s quite balanced and I am sure most of you will love it for a night out.

I checked out the other fragrances in this range and found some of my favorite scents that I mostly don’t find in deodorants. So, I will be getting some more this summer. This is a good budget buy that you just cannot go wrong with.

My Rating



PKR 195


Major departmental stores and


Wide range
Natural appealing scents
Travel friendly quality packaging
Readily available



What kind of fragrances do you prefer?


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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Real Techniques: “Duped” by Beauty Bar

We started looking into Real Techniques makeup brushes and Beauty Blender prices lately on different forums because we needed to upgrade our tools. One day we came across Beauty Bar’s website with their too-good-to-be-true prices on various products such as Real Techniques and Beauty Blender that matched brands’ retail prices. Sadaf and I both were tempted to buy but being extremely careful as we didn’t want any dupes, we had to go around and ask fellow bloggers (I won’t take any names here) if they had already bought from them or not, and came across a few who had bought Beauty Blenders from them and claimed those to be real.

Still unsatisfied, Fizzah wrote to Beauty Bar’s customer care asking if they really sold original Real Techniques Brushes, because dupes would be the last thing she would want in her stash – the kind of maniac she is in this case. The reply came after a few days, which itself looked phony, telling they were sorry for the delayed response and that yes they sold 100% original stuff. We shared the email among our own bloggers friends’ group and were shocked to learn that the same email, exactly same email was received by one of our blogger friends when she had emailed them the same query a few months prior to us. Unfortunately, we do not have the email anymore to share a screenshot here but to ensure we did while writing this post, Sadaf wrote to them again last night and we have not received any reply yet. However, we add a few screenshots here of them claiming on their social media accounts that they sell original Real Techniques brushes.

Would you care disclosing those “authorized” dealers please?

We weren’t really satisfied yet were tempted to buy Real Techniques from them. Fizzah had already bought Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush from La Viva Glam, a Facebook Store known for their reliability among bloggers and selling original stuff and Sadaf already owned an Expert Face Brush and a Real Techniques Blush Brush from last year bought from another reliable source We finally decided to give Beauty Bar a try and purchased Expert Face Brush which we already had in our stash so we may compare the two and decide for ourselves if they really sold original stuff at those amazing prices. We also added some L.A. Girl Pro Concealers to our order as well and this is what happened…

What Really Happened?

There are no words to express how we felt when Fizzah compared the Expert Face Brush from Beauty Bar with the real one she owns. This new one was meant to be a gift to Sadaf’s sister so you can imagine our disappointment at this fraud. There are plenty of companies like Ali Express, ebay, Amazon that sell dupes and it isn’t very difficult to purchase from them and label them as real, however those companies do not claim their products to be original but first copies and that is how they sell them unlike Beauty Bar.

We did not really intend to write this post but we owe our fellow bloggers and friends a favour. It saddens us to see that girls who would buy their very first Real Techniques brushes from Beauty Bar would think they got the original stuff but actually they got scammed.

Here we list a few pointers with pictures that separate a real Real Techniques Expert Face Brush from its dupe.

Disclaimer: All the pictures are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and are the sole property of The Pout Painters.

This comparison is presented purely with the intention to spread awareness and for those of you who wish to purchase dupes; we shall be posting a thorough review and comparison of the dupe and original Expert Face Brush soon.

Real or Fake – How To Tell?

Obviously unless you have a real brush to compare the dupe to, you cannot tell if it’s real or not. And for someone who has seen and used a real one, Fizzah didn’t even have to take the two out of their packaging to pass the final verdict that Beauty Bar’s Real Techniques’ Expert Face Brush was a 100% fake.

The Packaging: The orange colour on the fake’s packaging on the front as well as the back is a lot dull. If you see both side by side, the real packaging has a brighter orange colour on it. That goes for the font as well which is dull on the fake. Sam and Nic’s faces in the picture on the fake packaging are white-washed while you can actually see their real skin in the picture on the actual one.

Overall, the fake packaging looks flimsy and dirty in terms of printing.

The Brush: The fake brush head is a lot bigger in size. The colour of the bristles on the fake one is dark brown while it is actually black on the real one. You can easily spot this difference by tilting the brush under light. Because the bristles on the fake one are longer, they bend a lot if you press the brush’s head with your palm, this does not happen with the original one.

The fake brush has a dent from pressing the ferrule near the head which you do not find on the real one. Besides that, I spotted one or two more dents on the ferrule of the fake brush. The orange colour of the ferrule on the real one has a slight pink tone to it which is missing from the fake one. The finish of the ferrule on the real RT brush is a lot smoother than the fake one.

The colour of the printing on the brush, again like the packaging is a dull, dirty orange unlike the bright orange on the real one. The printing if you look closely on the fake one isn’t really a job well-done such as the font ‘TECH’ written in bold on the ferrule of the brush isn’t thorough and has tiny spots which means the printing was done by saving on the ink.

For those of you who are familiar with printing on a regular printer know you have to set the print resolution of the image on a minimum of 600 before you take out the print to prevent pixilation. That pixilation is what you see on a fake RT brush.

If you run your finger on the edges of the rubber part, you will feel the real brush to have a smoother finish while the fake one’s rubber has pointy circumference.

We hope these points will help you spot a real Real Techniques brush from a fake one.

What To Do Now?

We have already heard from bloggers who have tried known dupes of Real Techniques brushes that they perform fine but obviously the purpose of the brush changes as the shape and bristles change.

If you have had enough of such scammers robbing good honest people of their hard earned money, please speak up. We urge you to boycott such companies and share your story or thoughts on this matter using the #dupedbybeautybar on your social media. Let such fake companies know that women may be crazy about beauty but they are not stupid.

One might argue that they may be selling fakes mixed with the real ones and it was just our bad luck that we got a fake one. Even then, it’s dishonesty and unethical for them to do so. We had planned to purchase more Real Techniques brushes from them after ensuring they sold real stuff but now we are not sure we will even buy any other brand’s products from them. Our advice to you too? Shop from Beauty Bar at your own risk.

As for us, we will always give you our honest opinion on any store or product and you are most welcome to join in the discussions.

Our Rating



Quick delivery
Free delivery on shopping over PKR 2000
Offer COD


Lying about dupes being originals
Selling dupes at the retail prices of originals

What have you guys purchased from Beauty Bar? Let us know in the comments below.

Fizzah and Sadaf

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog edited by its owners and the opinions expressed here belong solely to its owner's. For questions and queries please email at
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Monday 8 February 2016

Bed of Nails – Store Review

For most girls, nail polish is the first kind of makeup they try. I have long since accepted the fact that I will never be able to neatly apply nail colour. Even when I am all dolled up my nails are bare because nail polish and I just don’t get along. When the lovely Jabeen from Bed of Nails sent one of her hand painted nail sets, I thought: “This is what I have been waiting to try!”

Product Claims

"We know how hard it is to have unappealing nails at a big event. For some people it's hard to grow nails, some are nail biters while others cannot grow their nails due to their careers (Doctors, makeup-artists, etc). And sometimes, you just don't want to take the risk of breaking your nails (like your wedding day). Bed of Nails is here to solve your nail related issues!

We provide top quality & long lasting nails at affordable rates in Pakistan. The nails are hand painted and made with love. The nail artist has been doing nail art for about 6 years and a little secret.. she was a nail biter herself!

Order your Bed of Nails and you will not be disappointed."

There's about 30 colors & 6 shapes to choose from.

What Do I Think?

I have been looking at Bed of Nails Instagram and Facebook feed since it started and let me tell you there is a lot of variety. The set I received is 'Style Check' in burgundy color and short square shape. This is so me! It is so simple yet it makes a statement and goes with a lot of outfits especially the darker winter neutrals. The package arrived quickly and safely with the nail set stuck onto an adhesive surface securely wrapped in a plastic film. This made storing them quite convenient.

You can clearly detect the good quality at the first glance. The work is really neat and the nails are not flimsy. The design, colour and texture combination is trendy and chic. The nail paint is not cheap and shows no sign of chipping or other damage. Application is easy and it sits comfortably on your nails. You can just stick them on top of your own nails with a small amount of clear liquid glue like UHU. They come off readily when you soak your fingers in lukewarm soapy water.

The prices are surprisingly low for a handmade product of such good quality so I definitely think these are a steal. If you want to save time and energy applying nail paint or are just looking to try different types of nail art or nail shapes then I highly recommend Bed of Nails.

My Rating



PKR 380


Online from Bed of Nails


Very affordable
Quality nails and paint
Good customer service
Convenient packaging
Trendy designs and shapes
Customized designs



Have you ever shopped from Bed of Nails?


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog edited by its owners and the opinions expressed here belong solely to its owner's. For questions and queries please email at
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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Mirror & Makeup London Natural Organic Lipstick and Organic Lip Gloss - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to introduce you to a new all natural, halal, cruelty free cosmetics brand launched by UK based Pakistani entrepreneur, Ayesha. It is called Mirror and Makeup London and currently offers a nice range of essentials for nature loving makeup freaks like me. They were kind enough to send me a package so read on to learn what I discovered about their claims.

Brand Claims

Our mineral makeup is free from preservatives, fragrance, alcohols, oils and synthetic dyes. Our mineral makeup is Halal certified. All of our products are all natural, completely vegan, halal and cruelty free, and handmade in United Kingdom using only the best materials sourced from the most experienced suppliers!

Natural Organic Lipstick - Pink Lush


Ricinus Communis seed oil, Euphorbia Cerifera wax, Butyrospermum Parkii butter, Mica, Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Limnanthes Alba seed oil, Copernicia Cerifera cera, Citrus Nobilis peel oil, +/- CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

Product Claims

Our Lipstick range is made of 100% natural & organic oils, waxes and minerals to achieving creamy, soft and hydrating lipstick with rich and vivid colours. Our lipsticks are highly pigmented in colour with luxurious texture that is creamy, soft and moisturising.

What Do I Think?

Now whenever you hear about a brand using natural alternatives to conventional chemicals, you probably wonder how it affects the performance of the product. I am pleased to say that there was nothing negative about the formula of this lipstick. In fact, it sits so comfortably on my lips that I hardly feel it there all thanks to the goodness of natural ingredients listed on the tube. The packaging is light holding 3g of product and made up of matte silver plastic with a metallic bullet case and the name of the brand and product on the front with its logo.

It has a soothing Cirtus scent which lingers for a while because of the tangor (tangerine-orange hybrid) essential oil in it. The pigmentation is good and buildable while the texture is creamy but not smear-y, if that makes sense to you. The point is that it doesn’t bleed all over the place. Pink Lush is basically a bright deep pink with tons of purple shimmer making it look like a pure orchid colour. It reminds me of Colourpop Ultra matte Liquid Lipstick in Sundae. I am sure most of you cringed when I mentioned shimmer. Let me assure you there is nothing nasty about the shine rather it imparts sophisticated duochrome sheen courtesy of the mineral, Mica. There is no grittiness or discomfort on the lips because of the Mica. It lasted well over 6 hours on my lips with no feathering or transfer of shimmer around my mouth until I had a meal at which point it faded evenly from the center of my lips. You have to be careful with removal so that you don’t end up looking like you just ate ball of glitter, with really bad table manners.

Organic Lip gloss - Lip Candy


Ricinus Communis seed oil, Euphorbia Cerifera wax, Butyrospermum Parkii butter, Mica, Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Citrus Nobilis peel oil, Mica, +/- CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

Product Claims


What Do I Think?

Even though I am not a fan of Kylie Jenner, I have been looking for that oh-so-chic mauve brown that she made so popular. Lip Candy is like Kylie Jenner goes to Vegas (No product exists with this name). It comes in a short transparent 7 ml packaging with the ingredients are listed on it and a matte silver cap holding a stiff doe foot applicator which is perfect for its purpose. The colour is a warm brown with mauve shimmer sprinkled on top and the effect is uber pretty. This also includes Mica so the formula feels feather light and soft on the lips. Once I was done drooling over its duochrome gorgeousness, I noticed the pigmentation was really good too. Like the lipstick it also has the pleasant tangor scent to it. The formula is super comfortable and again it lasted well over 6 hours until I had a meal. Only the center of my lips looked bare while Lip Candy remained intact on the rest. It stays put where you apply it and doesn’t feel sticky in the least. What more could you possibly ask for in a lip gloss?

I must say I am quite impressed with these products and love them because of the formula. I agree they are expensive but if we rush to buy high end products with tons of chemicals surely we can spend some money on natural ones for sake of our health. I do wish the packaging was wow because of the price but that’s not a deal breaker for me personally. I hope they come out with a larger variety of lip shades in different finishes like cream, matte, satin, etc because most people steer clear of shimmery lips. If you can afford it, I highly recommend trying out their lipsticks and glosses because these have definitely earned a spot among my favorites.



Lipstick - £17.00
Lip gloss - Unavailable


All natural halal ingredients
Cruelty free
Good pigmentation
Comfortable formula
Long lasting
Lovely natural Citrus scent
Shimmer is sophisticated
Universally flattering shades


Shimmer might be problematic during removal
Not suitable for those allergic to citrus fruits

What do you think of the products?


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PR sample(s) for consideration. This, however, has not affected our sincere opinions as our loyalty is to the readers. For further details, check our Blog Policy.
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