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Sunday 4 June 2017

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Cream Contour Light Medium

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Hey guys! Hope you are staying out the heat and keeping yourself hydrated. Unfortunately, many of us have summer weddings to attend so the hunt for worthy products is on. The contour & highlight craze still hasn’t down in mid-2017 so I’m concerned. On the bright side, more consumer brands are coming out with options for the average makeup hoarder. Makeup Revolution came out with cream and powder contour-highlight palettes before but the shades were too warm in my opinion. During the last few months, they released new versions with different shades and packages. These looked about right to me. I already have two singles for powder so I wanted the cream one in Light Medium. It comes another shade, Medium Dark.

Product Claims

Sculpt, define and enhance your features with our new HD Pro cream contour palette. Available in powder and cream formula. Our cream contour palettes are great for a natural finish. A mix of highlight, contour and bronzing shades in warm and cool undertones so you can find the shades to suit you. Long wearing, highly pigmented and creamy formula.

Contour shades can be used to add definition and depth to the hollows of your cheekbones, jawline and temples. Highlight shades can be used to brighten under eyes, and enhance your cheekbones, cupids bow and wherever else you desire.

Apply with finger tips, or a synthetic brush. Blend with a damp blending sponge or synthetic hair brush.

What Do I Think?

Contouring redefines the shadows naturally present in the receded areas of your face after the foundation has made an even base hiding them to some degree. Your contour shade should be a few shades darker and cooler than your natural skin color. I was slightly disappointed that it only had one cool toned shade with the right depth for people around my complexion. Anyone considerably lighter and cooler than me would struggle with this shade. There should be a shade cooler and lighter than this one.

The top row is made of highlighter shades and there is no shimmer in them. They are meant to be used alone, mixed with each other or your concealer to brighten up the lifted areas of your face. You may apply them lightly under your eyes, top of your cheekbones, forehead, chin and the bridge of your nose. There is another highlighter shade on the bottom right for some reason. Starting from the top left, I will now describe the shades. Remember that the pictures taken do not represent the true color. It differs in various lighting conditions.

We have a warm cream/ivory, light peach, medium tan and medium warm brown/ caramel shade. The bottom right highlighter shade is like vanilla custard. I think the highlighter shade range is good for neutral and warm toned people but not cool toned people. The bottom row starting from the left has a dark cool brown. I wish it was a bit cooler so that people more cool toned than me could use it easily. If someone wanted to warm it up they could have just mixed in the caramel shade. The next is a warmer and lighter brown like milk chocolate and after that we have a dark warm brown like a nutty brown. I use the caramel one as a bronzer and mix the custard with some light peach to make a highlighter shade. The dark cool brown is the contour shade for me but I wish it was slightly cooler. I think this shade range is ideal for Desi skin tones because there aren’t many cool toned people in South Asia.

The packaging is simple and sturdy with a transparent lid so you can easily find it in your stash. The ingredients are printed on the cardboard that covers the palette. It has propylparaben but I don’t really mind since the studies about parabens being harmful are inconclusive. The net weight is 20g but it’s not bulky so you can carry it around while traveling.

The problem with this palette is that its formula is not exactly easy to blend. It’s better during the summer. It feels creamy when you touch it in the palette but once it’s on your skin, it’s a different story. You can put some moisturizer on your brush to help blend it or mix some facial oil in the product. I can confidently say that it lasts reasonably well because it actually stains your skin. I guess this is a good thing but you have to be accurate in your placement.

I suggest never using the war-paint-swipes-on-your-cheek technique with this palette. Firstly, that is never a good idea and secondly, you will have cried a river by the time you’re done blending that on your face. Use your finger, spatula or flat brush to deposit some product on the back of your hand. Then take your fluffy synthetic contour brush and gently lift some product off it. Then you can make a duck face and start applying the cream contour to your face. I’d recommend doing the same when you use the highlight shades minus the duck face. Imagine putting a thick hard-to-blend cream under your eyes. It will just happily sit there and emphasize your wrinkles. Remember, the less product you use the better the results. You can always add more if you want in thin layers buffing away each as you go.

I don’t recommend buying this product if you are a beginner. If you think you can make it work, the price tag seems reasonable and you are out of options then go for it. Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions about it.


1500 PKR


Light weight
Transparent lid
Highlight & contour in one
Wide shade range
Good value


Hard to blend
Less shades for light cool toned skin

My Rating


Have you tried any of the contour palettes by Makeup Revolution?


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