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Friday 20 May 2016

How To – Perfect Under Eyes & OFRA Banana Powder (Review)

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

Okay so I thought of doing something different apart from the traditional reviews we write and hence I have paired a review with some tips and tricks to achieve seamless under eyes.

We all are familiar with the concept of baking the under eyes and setting the concealer for a seamless finish which by the way, I agree, looks amazing in photos and on camera but for my personal liking it’s a little too much especially for under eyes. I am no expert on makeup and I don’t even claim to be a professional, and all the opinions I share with you guys are either ramifications of my practice and mistakes or tips and tricks I have learnt through many makeup artists.

Today I thought I would share with you guys some simple tips you could employ to make the under eyes look almost creaseless without the need to bake.

I have not used a lot but the concealers I have used had this one common quality, they set quickly and any concealer that does so leaves you little time to blend and work out those creases. Over blending or going back and forth over the concealer many times may displace the product instead of setting it properly. Now first things first, you cannot make your under eye wrinkles go away, they will not disappear. You can for sure reduce their appearance with makeup that too if applied without committing serious mistakes.

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder Artiste Palette

Oily skin looks plumper and healthier than dry skin because the oils keep it hydrated, same is the case with your under eyes’ skin which actually is a lot more delicate than the rest of the face, hence needs more love and less harsh makeup techniques. If you have dry skin around your eyes you might have experienced creased concealer quite often. The tips I share here apply to almost everyone regardless of their normal, oily or dry under eyes.

Step 1:

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

Begin with a clean face, obviously and moisturize your under eyes. Let the moisturizer sit for a minute or two allowing your skin to absorb all the goodness. If you have super oily skin even around the eyes try a water-based, oil-free moisturizer. I personally have used and loved Enchanter moisturizers for quite some time and they feel amazing on skin, so light yet moisturizing. For those like me with dry under eyes try some moisturizer with good fat content, I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizer, it smells ah-mazing

Depending on the skin’s condition, how dry or normal it is, you may need one or multiple layers of moisturizer. Apply two to three layers allowing the moisturizer to get absorbed after every application and you will notice your skin starts to look plumper, under eyes’ thirst quenched.

Step 2:

A clear eye primer (or even a face primer would do) will help fill in any creases, you may think of it similar in function to a pores filling face primer. I personally use the ELF Glitter Eye Primer for the purpose only because that is the only clear eye primer I have right now but ELF does have an eye primer made especially for under eyes. I have not tried that yet but if anyone of you does, let me know how it works. Apply a thin layer of the clear eye primer over moisturized under eyes and let it set as well. I am not a fan of dragging products in my eye area so I’d recommend you pat any product onto the skin. Patting motion is actually gentler on skin than dragging and we want to keep those eyes looking young for as long as we can, right girls?

Step 3:

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

This step is optional but if you have dark circles like I do which require some colour correcting then go ahead, use your favourite peach/orange corrector. I switch between L.A. Girl Orange Corrector and NYX Dark Circles Corrector (Medium). For L.A. Orange Corrector two or three tiny little dots applied and patted onto the dark area to cancel out the darkness is enough for me, no need to apply it in the shape of Bermuda Triangle on your face. Blend it well and I have experienced, surprisingly, your ring finger works the best for this purpose. 

Make sure you look up while you blend out the corrector, doing so fills in the creases.

Step 4:

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

Now since you have prepped the under eyes well until you reach Step 4, you will notice any concealer you now choose to apply will crease less and set better. I use NYX Concealer Wand in Beige CW04 and Yellow mixed together for my correct undertone. Again, no need to go crazy with it in triangular shapes, you only need to put in the dark circles area and blend well. I prefer using my wet Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for blending out concealers, they work the best, better than your ring finger or any brush.

Step 5:

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

Set everything with a translucent powder or in my case, OFRA Banana Powder which is a yellow setting powder which imparts the effect of brightened skin where applied.

Perfect Under Eyes Tutorial OFRA Banana Powder

OFRA Banana Powder Review

OFRA Banana Powder Review Swatches

The product itself is really soft at touch and odourless and I like the fact that although it’s pigmented you do not really get a lot neither on the brush nor if you swirl your finger over. It blends out really well and subtly highlights my under eyes making them look more awake and brightened (not in your face type). You get a good 4grams of the product pressed firmly in the pan at $15.00. The only thing I like about the packaging is that it comes with a built-in mirror under the product pan which comes quite handy otherwise for a product that retails at this price I’d expect a better looking packaging, it does not even remotely feel good quality which OFRA needs to fix as soon as they can. The label on the lid has already rubbed off! I like to use my Sigma Concealer Brush F64 or Real Techniques Setting Brush to pick up the product and gently dab it onto the concealer and then ever so slightly and tenderly blend out the edges for a flawless finished look. Besides the under eyes, I like to dust it lightly over the high points of my face for a matte highlighted look. There is just something really classy about a matte highlighted look; I don’t know maybe it’s only in my head?

The powder actually does cling to my concealer for quite long without cracking and it has, to some extent, tolerated the heat and sweat as well. However, I have not tested it in severe heat, like these days, because I do not put any makeup on when I sweat a lot.

Since it goes on almost clear with a hint of brightness without making anything obviously yellow-looking those of you with undertones other than yellow may also use it for setting the concealers but make sure you do not layer a lot. Even if it does not make you look sick with yellow circles around your eyes, it will definitely look cake-y.

Ever experienced exposed dark circles even after you applied and set the concealer? Chances are you dragged everything and the products shifted. The trick is to look up while you set the concealer with any powder and instead of dragging the brush over gently pat the product onto the skin.

All these tips will definitely help you achieve a better-looking if not “flawless” under eyes since I realistically mentioned earlier, there is no way to make the under eyes wrinkles go away, you can only reduce their appearance to a certain degree and following these tips will positively help you achieve that look.

P.S. The photos are different from the video because I had to re-film, the first time I did it was horrible :(

OFRA Banana Powder is availability at Makeup 4 U (contact the page for the price)

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Let me know if you found these tips helpful.


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Friday 6 May 2016

Scorching Summer & Makeup Heroes

Makeup Products for Summers

Hey all! Summer is slowly but surely creeping into our lives. So, all us makeup junkies need to bring out the big guns don’t we? Even Hercules can’t save us now. In dire times like these I turn to my unlikely heroes, which I believe a girl needs most in the makeup department to battle the summer heat. So, I hope you find this post helpful. I will be giving loads of opinions in this post based on my experiences so grab a cold soda and enjoy!

E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer in “Clear”

E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer Clear for Summers

There are a couple of face primers in this range. I plan to get the green one to cancel out the redness over my nose and cheeks, which interferes with my blush at times. This is the Clear one that claims to “Fill in fine lines and create a flawless finish”. I have read reviews where bloggers have claimed that there is no difference between this and the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Shout out to my blogger buddy, Sherry (From The Other Side of the Mirror), for recommending this. You get 14 mL for approximately PKR 1000 depending on where you shop as it originally retails for $6. I think this works superbly for a drugstore face primer. I inherited lots of smile lines around my eyes and mouth from my father, which I love, but they can create makeup application problems. This makes a HUGE difference in blending all sorts of cream and powder products. It does half the job for you especially for under the eyes. The look and feel of your makeup is totally transformed with just one product. Makeup sits really well on your face and there is zero cakey-ness. I believe this would suit normal to combination skin type best. If you’re really dry or really oily then I can’t say. E.L.F does have a Hydrating and Poreless option now too. Packaging wise its pump is user and travel friendly, sturdy and looks cool. I think this is a terrific bargain.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories Makeup Fixer

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories Makeup Fixer Summers Essential Product

I grabbed this as I was going towards the counter at the recent Makeup 4 U exhibition in Lahore. Ofra is a high end drugstore brand so getting 240 mL of their fixing spray at discount around 1600 PKR (Originally retails for $19.50) seemed like a steal to me. Yes, I am unashamedly cheap. Please, feel free to judge me. I have only tried one other fixing spray (Stageline) but this is one of those products that you can feel working instantly. It has many natural extracts in it, which is why I think it imparts a lovely silky feel to the skin and locks your makeup in place. Not only that but it gives your base a “finer” look. A perk is its soothing gentle fragrance that doesn’t linger at all. The nozzle releases a super fine mist effortlessly sort of like you’re standing close to a waterfall. It makes me so happy! One thing I detest about Ofra is that although their cardboard packaging is dope, the containers are just meh. FYI, this doesn’t come with a cap or a box but a clip to prevent the nozzle from being sprayed by your resident poltergeist.

Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder

Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder Summers Essential

First things first, Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder is a discontinued product but I cannot live without it particularly in the summer. This is a setting powder that doesn’t change the colour of your foundation, withstands the monsoon season and gives your makeup a refined appearance. What more could I ask for? Never fear my beauties! I have some excellent alternatives for you including the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and RCMA No Color Powder.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in “Ash Brown”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ash Brown

This product needs no introduction. Instagram has made millions of people buy it, including me. I have not-so-thick but broad ash brown brows with bald spots. It was quite hard to find my shade in brow pencils but I finally did in Beauty UK (Ash Brown) in case anyone’s interested. However, a penciled in look proved way too harsh for my light brows. The best thing about the ABH pomade is that you can do literally any style with it. All you need is common sense and a firm angled brow brush. I recommend the Morphe G21. It’s my new bae. It is packed full of pigment, blends beautifully and lasts all day. Need I say a little goes around the world and back in 80 seconds?  Take that Phileas Fogg! Oh, and it is waterproof so, I don’t mind going swimming on the first date ;) No doubt $18 is an enormous sacrifice to make so, do think long and hard before you get it.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in “Sequin”

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Sequin

Now here is a brand that knows how to please: Colourpop! I’ll admit the Super Shock Eye Shadows are best used with fingers (which many dislike) and they stain leading to pigment wastage. The one thing that makes this the best eye shadow formula in the market is that IT DOES NOT FADE. Honestly, that’s all I ask for. I am so sick of pretty lids becoming wells of oil in the summer. Unacceptable! At just $5, this is a miracle in a pot. You don’t even have to prep your lids all that well. These will last hours and hours and then some more hours. Sequin (Metallic) is a festive glittery copper but there are many neutral mattes and satins you can wear to school or work. Also, I have heard people complain about shimmery fallout. If you continue trying to blend them once they have set, then stubborn shimmer will inevitably grace your under eye area.

E.L.F Matte Lip Color in “Cranberry”

E.L.F Matte Lip Color Cranberry

My sister has a thing for lip crayons so she picked this up at the exhibition for about PKR 600 (Originally retails for $3) and I didn’t give it much thought at first. Once I actually opened it up and applied it, Heavenly light shone upon me and angels sang (Not the Taher Shah variety!). This is such a brilliant product and a life saver for many. I’ll tell you why. It’s a lipstick that you can carry around in your purse like a pen anywhere. The high end looking packaging will not fail you although, it’s best not to twist up too high during application. Another plus is the corresponding shade ring at the pencil’s bottom. The tip is neither thin nor thick but in the words of Goldilocks, “Just right!” This means that the clumsiest of people (Read me) can precisely apply it in a few seconds. The finish is matte but not flat at all. Its vitamin infused moisturizing formula makes your lips look healthy not parched and it doesn’t stick to the flaky bits either. It’s excellent for all ages especially since the shade range has nudes and bolds. You can build it up or wear it as a stain and it lasts reasonably well. It does not feather or bleed and lies super comfortably on your lips. Cranberry is a gorgeous soft berry red.  I can’t recommend this enough for the summer season.

Swacthes Anastasia Brow Pomade ELF Matte Lip Colour Pop Sequin

Thank you for tagging along on this adventure with my Summer Makeup Heroes!

What makeup products are your personal heroes this summer?


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