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Monday 15 May 2017

Stop Calling Yourself A Makeup Artist Unless..

It's been forever since I last blogged because, firstly I really didn't have any reviews to share with you guys and secondly I have been busy and most of the time lazy. Until I realised, this is our blog and it shouldn't be limited to product reviews only. And today I decided I should start using my blog to pour my heart out as well.

So here it goes for today.

A lot of my fellow peeps here will be offended by what I am about to say but I must.

Until last year I thought anyone with good makeup skills can apply makeup on others, make money, teach others and ultimately put the prestigious tag of Makeup Artist with their names, in their profiles and social media.

Until I was made to see the 'real' reality, experienced a bit of it and my opinion changed.

The tag 'Makeup Artist' is highly prestigious, it doesn't only involve a person with great makeup skills shown through their selfies or the huge collections of makeup available at their disposable. 

It's actually nothing like that.

Mastering as many faces as you can, continuously pushing yourself and not following the Instagram trends are a few of the obvious ones but here is why I think just anyone shouldn't call themselves a Makeup Artist.

1. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet do a full face with limited products. The less makeup you have, the more you force your brain to think, create and make good use of the products.

2. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you cannot multi-task WHILE doing great makeup on a face.

3. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet deal with the stress that comes along with dealing with a client, managing the time and YET doing great makeup.

4. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet do makeup on someone under ANY condition. They might be busy on their phones, they might be moving a lot, they might be talking a lot. Deal with it.

5. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you cannot tell bad makeup apart from good and great makeup.

6. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you think you have learnt it all, done it all and have reached perfection. Staying open to learning is crucial.

Professional Makeup Artists call themselves so for a reason, actually no, for a number of reasons and they are completely justified when self-proclaimed Makeup Artists make them cringe. They have mastered the art over the years by practicing it on other faces, they know how to deal with people under different conditions, they have gone through the stress, the sweat and the tears to get everything work in their favour, they have gone through sleepless nights thinking about a way to make a product work or to achieve a certain look, they have spent hours and hours learning how to do a full face using only primary colours. And it will probably take forever to put all the reasons together.

Let's respect the title, let's respect the profession. I know a lot of us wish to be one of those including myself but let's just not call ourselves or claim to be a Makeup Artist unless we know all of that shiz.

I have experienced a fraction of what I have said and I know there's a lot more to come if I am to continue pursuing this work.

Yours truly,

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