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Monday 20 November 2023

Top Makeup Trends in the UAE: A Guide for Every Fashionista!

While makeup is a form of self-expression and isn’t really affected by trends but we cannot also deny the fact that fashion industry plays a huge role in forming the opinion around fashion and beauty trends. Some makeup trends might be more popular in one part of the world as compared to the other but the general flow of tide seems the same globally. Today, I am going to share with you top 5 emerging makeup trends these days which are equally relevant in the UAE.

Achieve 'Glass Skin' Perfection:

Korean beauty and music industry might be the pioneer of this trend but the world has caught on and now glowy, healthy looking skin is a global phenomenon. Glass skin starts with religious skincare routine, you must cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin twice a day to see lasting results. Then you may use a light weight, medium coverage, hydrating foundation or a BB Cream mixed with a facial oil or a liquid highlighter to achieve flawless looking complexion.

Embrace 'Statement Lips' for a Fuller Pout:

If you are someone who loves a nice fuller pout then this is the trend for you. Statement Lips have made a comeback and vibrant bold colours such as deep reds, purples, and oranges are back in fashion. You may pair a dark lip colour with the similar colour lip liner or use a dark taupe liner to fake the shadows of fuller lips and then fill in the rest of the lips with bold colour. This trend adds a stunning touch to your overall look.

Revitalize Your Look with 'Graphic Eyeliner':

Eyeliner has always been an integral part of women’s makeup. It has gone from being dark and dramatic in 1920’s to softer thinner lines in 1940’s and back to graphic styles in 1950’s and 60’s. Twiggy and Sophia Loren’s eyeliner styles are still recreated to this day. In the era of makeup tutorials on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, graphic eyeliners, including precise cat eyes and bold shapes, have made a stylish comeback.

Shine with 'All Things Shimmer':

Eye shadows are found in many different forms with matte and shimmer formations being the most popular ones. Matte eye shadows were in the limelight in 1990’s, they were THE thing. But today not just matte but shimmer eye shadows are equally popular. Shimmer shadows can be worn in many different ways from a light wash all over the lids to stronger contrasting look with a more prominent socket. You can transform your simple eye makeup with a dash of shimmer and glitter shadows applied either with finger tips or a small brush applicator.

Achieve Natural Elegance with 'Feathered Eyebrows':

This is a personal favourite of mine. Just like any other aspect of makeup, eye brows have seen their highs and lows (which weren’t fashionably lows but YKWIM). From pencil thin eyebrows of 1990’s to slightly fuller ones in 2000’s, latest eyebrows trend tells you to pluck them lightly, only where needed keeping the fuller shape and then shape the hair with a hair gel, eyebrow gel or even soap. Yes you read that right. This technique gives your eyebrow hair fuller look and keeps them in shape throughout the day. You can then either proceed to fill in the gaps with a brow filling product or leave the hair as is and enjoy a more natural look.

Like I said in the beginning, makeup is a powerful form of self-expression, and trends come and go. Your individual style may even spark a new makeup trend, so embrace your uniqueness and don't hesitate to experiment with different looks.


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