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Friday 10 June 2022

Bad Marketing 101 – How You Devalue Your Work

You might have read a lot of articles telling you how one should value their business, what should be done for clients and peers to take you seriously.

How you should navigate so the clients do not try and take and advantage of your services.

Well today I want to point out things you might be doing that devalue your work and put prospect collaborators/clients/students off.

Bad marketing

-   You are not up to date with the platform you are marketing your business on.

-   You do not have a brand identity and you fail to incorporate simpler things in your marketing strategy such as creating impactful content.

-   You have not taken a good look at your competitors’ work and how they price their services.

-   You jump straight into putting a tag on your work that does not even justify your experience, knowledge and location.

-   You do not think highly of your work.

-   In your opinion what you do can be learnt in a matter of few days and it’s no rocket-science that people would consider spending money on (then why would anyone pay you for teaching them what you do, no?)

-   You lack curiosity.

-   You have not spent time researching and learning more about your work. You are content with what you did 15 years back.

I can go on and on about what more you (might be) doing that just should not be done because you are a Professional at what you do, but my head hurts from absorbing too much today.

Saving the rest for some other day.



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